Secret Experiments in Ballet #2

SEB#2full FINALSecret Experiments in Ballet #2 is an immersive performance that takes place throughout the building of Visceral Dance Center.  Viewers move through the building, where studios, hallways and dressing rooms become the stages inhabited by dancers.  Playing in the intersection of ballet vocabulary and improvisation, choreographer Emily Stein investigates what it means to “speak ballet.”  Dancers lovingly explore ballet’s traditional pillars of movement with wit and intelligence.

Jana Capozzoli, Andrea Cerniglia, Larisa Eastman, Allyson Esposito, Ashley Fargnoli, Kristen Hammer, Liz Luse, Katie Matteson, Katie McCann, Leah Raffanti, Jordan Reinwald, Sarah Robinson, Megan Schneeburg, Emily Stein, Kate Bradfield Williams



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*Secret Experiments in Ballet #2 premiered on May 4 & 5, 2013 at Visceral Dance Center in Chicago

This program is partially supported by the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.  logo_hi_res   


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