I teach ballet to dancers of all levels, beginner to professional.  For me, ballet offers a physical experience, a way of understanding the architecture of the body that is dynamic, compelling, instructive and relevant to dancers of all ages, abilities and aesthetic leanings. In conjunction with my choreographic practice and my Feldenkrais studies, my ballet classes emphasize the student’s own awareness and body knowledge as tools to access the ballet vocabulary. I teach so the forms of ballet as a language can be “spoken” poetically, not just replicated by rote.

My modern technique classes have developed with an organic emphasis on alignment, use of weight, clarity and full-bodied expression.  I love to help students find expression through efficiency and choice.

In my career I have had the opportunity to teach many different student populations, from elementary school students, to professional dancers to senior citizens. For me, a good teacher starts where the students are, and takes them on a journey through a visceral physical experience of dance ideas.

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