Dance Teachers: Are you tired of teaching in pain? Do you miss full-bodied movement? Would you like to feel less exhausted at the end of your teaching day?

Dancers: Do you feel your technique is at a plateau? Are you constantly struggling with particular movements, or with movement pick-up? Do you have consistent discomfort in particular types of technique or choreography?

The Feldenkrais Method® can help you.  The Feldenkrais Method uses mind and movement to help people do whatever they do, better — and for dancers, this means dancing! It is not a specific WAY to move, but an exploration of HOW you move.  It gives you the time and opportunity to observe yourself in detail and fine tune your movement awareness.

For dancers, it is a unique tool for developing deeper artistry, stronger technique and healthy mechanics. For teachers, the Feldenkrais Method offers not only valuable  information to help students develop strong, healthy, injury-free technique, but also a method of self-care that continually supports your own body, freeing you to teach comfortably and safely.

My decades of experience teaching dancers of all levels, from beginners through professionals, has given me the expertise to bring these two areas of learning together freshly and powerfully. I offer a variety of opportunities to help you dance or teach with more awareness, make clearer artistic choices, and stay healthy and pain free!

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® group classes: I teach both open classes and classes tailored for specific groups, such as a dance faculty or performing ensemble. For information on open public classes I offer, visit my Feldenkrais website. To set up a private workshop, contact me here.

Workshops for Dance Faculty: Bringing the physical and mental benefits of the awareness developed through Feldenkrais Method® into the process of dance training and education is a personal mission of mine. I create professional development workshops for faculty and student teachers to show how to use principles of the Method to the enhance dancers’ learning in ballet technique. To set up a workshop for your company or faculty, contact me here.

Private Functional Integration® Lessons: If you have want to delve deeper into specific questions, such as dance technique improvement, performance enhancement or returning to dancing after an injury, you can benefit from private lessons. In these sessions, we explore your personal needs and movement questions in a supportive, calming setting. Each session is tailored to support your neuromuscular organization and address your movement questions. More info hereContact me to schedule an appointment.